On The Ground

If you’re enthusiastic about getting involved with the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, now is the time to take the next step.  Learn more about Volunteer Auxiliaries to see what you can do to better your community.

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Urban Professionals

If you’re ready to make a difference, contribute to the progress of achieving equality, develop as a person, professional and leader, then make that move and GET EMPOWERED. Your presence in our local chapter of the NULYP will definitely empower communities and change lives.

Our chapter of the NULYP started off with people just like you – people looking for an opportunity to make a difference in Kansas City. Urban League of Greater Kansas City’s Urban Professionals is a volunteer auxiliary that targets young professionals ages 21-40 to empower their communities and change lives through the NUL Movement.  Our mission is to support the Urban League Movement through our volunteerism, philanthropy and membership development.

The opportunity starts now. There is never a more urgent time for people of your talent, drive and compassion to join this movement as a YP Urban Professional. Contact us at 816.471.0550 to Get Empowered today.